The principles on which we make the main focus in our work:

The design is focused on minimalism and graphic shape of products, as such style can fit most of the life situations.
Local manufacture in St. Petersburg allows us to monitor the quality of products at all stages, so we will never be ashamed of the quality of products, we do for you.
We aim to be accessible to more people, as we sincerely believe that our products will only benefit to the owner and will give only positive emotions to others.

ARNY PRAHT is a Petersburg brand, the mainly focused on production of accessories and garments.

We create products that are not binding to any particular event. Our clothes are products that can and should be worn every day, making you admire the convenience in wearing and quality of detail. We also want to develop good taste of our customer and to come along together in different periods of his/her life. For that purpose we will develop a full line of accessories for different occasions, whether it is an ordinary walk in the park or office presentations, or maybe a long trip. We adhere to the medium-price policy; our customer doesn’t receive a mainstream product; while the price is comparable with the products of the mass market.

We support Russian designers and work with them, giving them the opportunity to show themselves, and to make product of really high quality and value. We are open to any cooperation. Our manufacture is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, thanks to this we can quickly test different color combinations of our products, as well as to run the production of various models of bags. The reality is that a special, distinctive from other countries, style of dress, and the overall direction of fashion has started to develop in our country not so long ago. Therefore, we have none to follow, and we go our own way.