Payment and delivery
Return policy
  • Express delivery

    At the moment, we deliver all over Russia, including CIS countries. In Russia we work with a specialized courier delivery. Upon receipt of your order to the work of the courier service, you will receive an SMS message with the tracking number of your order, as well as instructions on tracking your order. In the CIS we deliver via Pony Express, the cost of such delivery to be recognized individually.

    Zone Courier

    List of cities courier is 80% of the territory of the Russian Federation, if it turns out that your city is not on the list, we will send you by EMS mail, postage in any case will be 350 rubles.

    Cash Payment upon delivery

    You can make payment by cash to the courier on delivery, moreover, you can first make sure that you do it exactly what you ordered, and only then pay the order.

    Points of issue

    At this point you are free to pick up your order at the point of issue of orders in one of 57 cities, namely:

    Astrakhan’, ul. Dzhona Rida, d. 12, korpus 2
    Balashikha, prospekt Lenina, d. 10a
    Barnaul, ul. Baltiyskaya, d. 67
    Belgorod, ul. Popova, d. 76 A
    Biysk, ul. Il’i Mukhacheva, d. 145
    Bryansk, ul. Trudovaya, d. 5
    Vladivostok, ul. Dal’zavodskaya, d. 2, str. 1
    Vladimir, ul. Bol’shaya Nizhegorodskaya, d. 19
    Volgograd, pr. Lenina, d. 94
    Voronezh, ul. Peshe-Streletskaya, d. 54
    Voronezh, ul. Mashinostroiteley, d. 3
    Yekaterinburg, ul. Lunacharskogo, d. 77
    Ivanovo, ul. Smirnova, d. 47
    Irkutsk, ul. Shevtsova, d. 5
    Yoshkar-Ola, pr-t Gagarina, d. 11
    Kazan’, ul. K. Tinchurina, d. 9
    Kaluga, ul. Teatral’naya, d. 4 B
    Kemerovo, ul. Rukavishnikova, d. 26
    Kostroma, ul. Voykova, d. 40
    Krasnodar, ul. 9 Tikhaya, d. 23
    Krasnoyarsk, ul. Lenina, d. 26
    Kurgan, ul. M.Gor’kogo, d. 75
    Kursk, ul. Nikitskaya, d. 1 V
    Lipetsk, ul. Tereshkovoy, d. 9/1
    Magnitogorsk, ul. Gertsena, d. 6
    Michurinsk, ul. Poltavskaya, d. 69
    Moskva, ul. Aviamotornaya, d. 50
    Moskva, 1-yy Nagatinskiy proyezd, d. 2, str. 5
    Naberezhnyye Chelny, G.Naberezhnyye Chelny, ul. Ak.Rubanenko, 12 (po kompleksu -1/16). Vkhod s tortsa doma, vyveska Postmaster
    Nizhniy Novgorod, pr-t Lenina, d.12 A
    Novokuznetsk, ul. Tsiolkovskogo, d 9
    Novosibirsk, ul.Kommunisticheskaya 7, SKLAD № 1
    Omsk, ul. Lermontova, 81
    Orenburg, ul. Tekhnicheskaya, d. 7/2
    Penza, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, d.29
    Perm’, ul. Yekaterininskaya, d. 141
    Rostov-na-Donu, ul. 14-ya Liniya, d. 88
    Ryazan’, ul. Krasnoryadskaya, d. 23
    Samara, ul. Ivana Bulkina, d. 84
    Sankt-Peterburg, ul. Zastavskaya, d. 22, lit. S.
    Sankt-Peterburg, Ligovskiy pr-t, d. 50, kor 13
    Saransk, ul. Polezhayeva, d.99
    Saratov, prospekt 50-Letiya Oktyabrya, d.110A, korpus 8
    Simferopol’, ul. Pushkina,20/7
    Smolensk, ul. Tenishevoy, d.22
    Sochi, ul. Donskaya 108
    Stavropol’, per. Buynakskogo 2e
    Tambov, ul. Sovetskaya, d. 73
    Tver’, ul Zinaidy Konoplyannikovoy d. 17 korpus 1
    Tol’yatti, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, d. 68 A
    Tomsk, ul. Gertsena, d. 13 A
    Tula, ul. Fr. Engel’sa, d. 53
    Tyumen’, ul. Minskaya, d.47, korp. 3
    Ul’yanovsk, ul. Krymova, d. 25
    Ufa, ul. Rikharda Zorge, d. 12/1
    Khabarovsk, ul. Pavlovicha, d. 13
    Cheboksary, pr-t Lenina, d. 39
    Chelyabinsk, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, d. 93 B
    Elektrostal’, ul. Krasnaya, d. 42
    Yaroslavl’, ul. Svobody, d. 99

    Fence of any paragraph of the extradition order total more than 5,000 ruble, FREE.

  • The item ordered in ARNY PRAHT, you can always return

    the sales representative to the checkout or call a courier for a month

    How to return

    • Check out the goods on delivery. Unpack and check whether all suits you.
    • If you change your mind, give the goods to the courier and pay only for shipping.
    • Within a month, you can return the item to us in its original packaging, and while maintaining the product's functionality and presentation. This product can be sent by courier or come to our point of delivery.
    • When prepaid money for the return back the same way it was paid for the order.

    Return address

    196084, Sankt-Peterburg, Tsvetochnaya, 8


    • Return of goods of good quality is possible only under condition of preservation of the product's functionality and presentation (no traces of exploitation and socks, the presence of the original, undamaged packaging).
    • The term of refund depends on the method return and is not more than 10 days from the date of receipt of the returned goods at the warehouse of the Seller.
    • Information about the warranty period for the particular model, provided by the manufacturer, is attached to the product.
    • Product marriage / incorrect equipment must be returned to us with the original labels and in their original packaging.
    • In the case of return of the goods of poor quality, we incur costs of delivery of goods back to us.
    • If the goods have been returned is prepaid, refund is made to the card, which has been prepaid.

    For refund, please e-mail:
  • Repairing

    We wholeheartedly relate to the production of its products. And if in the process of socks with your bag, something happened, we will solve the problem, provided that you do not deliberately brought to this.

  • For shops

    We want our things were presented as large list of cities in our country. So, if your city is not in the store where we presented, and the list of cities can be found here we will do our best to fix it!

    For designers

    We are always looking for people similar to us in style. On an individual basis, we will consider any cooperation, mutually beneficial to each other