We create bags and backpacks from faux leather. Our core company and manufacturing facility is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. We will ship our products from our facility directly to you in any location.

Principles are important to us

Plane and recognizable with branding details. We listen to your opinions and focus on convenience and comfort.
We manage all stages of manufacturing — everything is sewn in St. Petersburg, Russia.
We manage all stages of manufacturing — everything is sewn in St. Petersburg, Russia.
We have 9 branded stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Donetsk and Prague and dozens of partners in Russia.

Eco-friendly design

We sew only from faux leather because it’s eco-friendly and ethical to the planet. To make some accessories it’s necessary to use natural materials due to prolonged contact with the skin, but bags are a very different case (story). 4 great facts about our materials are:

  • breathable but moisture resistant
  • non toxic
  • hypoallergenic
  • wear- and frost-resistant (up to -30 ℃)

Although we know that pets love our bags and backpacks, we recommend storing them out of reach of your pets. They should preferably be kept in dust bags. Please take caution as it may be harmful to your pets if they are allowed to play with or chew on these accessories.

Price policy

СOur own manufacturing in St. Petersburg makes it possible to set competitive and reasonable prices. For the same reason we can often renew our lineup and take into account your preferences.

We manage orders from all around the world with free shipment from 12000 rubles. More about cost and estimated delivery time you can read here.

What to do if you changed your mind or something goes wrong?

You may return the product up to 14 days from date of purchase to the same site where it was bought.

Let us know if something happened with the material or fittings of our product, we will be happy to try to solve any problems. If the included strap of a bag doesn't fit, you can buy another from available or order a custom made.

How to choose the right size

  • Models to fit laptop more than 13″
  • Models to fit laptop from 11″ to 13″ or A4 papers
  • Models to fit A5 papers like books or notebooks or a big wallet like KIT
  • Models to fit iPhone Plus

All bags and backpacks fit as carry on luggage in most aircrafts. But please check this before climbing aboard. Each model has size information on it’s page.

What makes us better

Lasting and resilient frame of backpacks fold form very nicely.

We test our products every day. But please remember that weight in your backpack needs to be less than 5 kg for happy and long life of it. Soft backs of backpacks are made especially for the comfort of your back, to cushion your belongings that are being carried against your back.

Do you want to have options? We made straps for small backpacks and bags on carabiners for you to have the ability to change the straps are reattach them another way to look differently. We are constantly looking for new fittings and color to offer you more choices for your own personal style. You can send your feedback or questions at any time.

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