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If you want to return or exchange goods purchased on our website, please contact us at   or call the hotline at 8-800-302-43-32

  • Familiarize yourself with the goods upon receipt, make sure that the goods are in proper form and you are satisfied with its quality, color, size.
  • If the goods do not suit you, return them to the courier (employee of the issuing point), in this case you pay only the shipping cost. Partial purchase is not possible.
  • You can return the unsuited product of good quality within 14 calendar days in the original packaging, provided that its consumer properties and presentation are preserved (no traces of operation and wear, original packaging and intact packaging).
  • Goods with defective / incorrect configuration must be returned to us with the original labels and in the original packaging.
  • In case of return of goods of inadequate quality, we bear the cost of sending the goods back.
  • If the goods were paid on the site by credit card or other method of making online payments, the funds for the goods will be returned in the same way and to the same account from which the order was paid. (The return period is not more than 10 days from the moment the goods arrive at the warehouse).
  • You can exchange goods for another within 14 calendar days, provided that its consumer properties and presentation are preserved.
  • Return and exchange terms apply to all products purchased on the site
  • Goods purchased in branded stores ARNY PRAHT must be returned to the same store where it was purchased.
  • Information about the warranty period for a specific model provided by the manufacturer is attached to the product.

On return issues, please contact via e-mail:  

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