The ARNY PRAHT concept workshop, together with Sasha COR TIMOR COR, created a collection of accessories that has already been loved by many. This collection includes bags: Ronda, Versu, Lola, Bella, Lilu, Lilu D, as well as Rino, Roku, Fresco and Vendi backpacks.

COR TIMOR COR is a brand founded in 2012.

I can always imagine exactly what kind of person will wear my clothes. What kind of music does he listen to, what places does he go to, what books does he read, what films does he watch. I can clearly imagine how this person drinks coffee, how he holds a cigarette, how he sleeps. I want to say that when creating clothes, I’m not always inspired by any particular subject, in most cases it’s the feeling that drives me ... the image ...

Sasha Cortimorcor

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Представляем новые рюкзаки Vendi & Fresco by COR TIMOR COR
Оба рюкзака выполнены из экокожи и имеют по два отделения, одно на передней стенке рюкзака и одно основное. У обоих рюкзаков длинна лямок регулируется...
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