Birthday only once a year! And no “unfortunately”, because in the European shopping mall it lasts for two whole days - January 18 and 19!

The store is exactly one year old, and the first birthday is just a reason to wander. Therefore, our traditional stock 1 + 1 = 3 will last for two days! 100% discount is available for 1 product out of 3, the lowest in value. The promotion applies to the entire range of the store.

Come to us, be involved in this event, and bring your friends with you - your friends and our friends too ;)

It is doubly pleasant to choose treasured bags and backpacks in a festive atmosphere: we are preparing a festive decoration for you so that you can coolly capture this day on the photo.


And we want to take care of you in advance: come light with you - there is a chance to have a gap and buy a lot, because in addition to this promotion, the January sale with discounts up to -35% continues! You can immediately solve the issue with accessories for the summer and vacation - why not?

Recall that we are on the 3rd floor and we don’t need any gifts with us - we’ve done the opposite - on our birthday we give ;)



(booking is not available in the European Shopping Center during the promotion period)


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