Need a goal! Or merch?


We decided, without hesitation and a pang of conscience, to glance at our coolest merchandise for Lokomotiv football club! The main distinguishing feature of any sports team is the combination of corporate colors, and as you know, we really appreciate the bright and expressive color;) Therefore, with great pleasure, we created popular brand models in the theme of a friendly club: red-green bags and backpacks, convenient for a trip to the stadium, beautiful for everyday life.



Football, as a sport, is generally able to turn mountains and inspire designers to daring experiments: who, if not football fans, is a vivid example of freedom from prejudice and public opinion? Their clothes reflect the ideology and devotion to their football club, they are not afraid of condemnation or that their interests will not be divided.



These moods are very similar to the ideas of modern fashion, where clothes and style act as a way of self-expression, therefore, we confidently declare that we have found another area where you can draw inspiration and mood for future brand projects :)


P.S Now you know that the ARNY PRAHT brand produces not only seasonal collections, but is also happy to create something special for your company!

You can get acquainted with the merchandise for Lokomotiv and order one of the models (for example, as a gift for the New Year for him) in the official Lokomotiv online store:


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