"I train my magic."

For a whole year after the release of our first collaboration with the Center "Anton Tut Ryadom" We wanted to create something together again, something meaningful and important. And today we are ready to show that we have succeeded. The collection of summer backpacks-transformers of Ukka and Roomy S shoppers with statements of the students of the Center is already on our website!

For a long time masters and tutors of the Center collected interesting statements of their students: wise, funny, sad, touching quotes. These phrases also respond to us because they have a special wisdom and a message: the new collection presents 4 quotations with different moods, so that everyone could choose a loved one.

30% of the proceeds from each sold accessory ARNY PRAHT will be transferred to the needs of the organization.

"Anton Tut Ryadom" is the first Russian center for systemic support of people with PAC (autism spectrum disorders). Since 2013, the organization has been working to give society access to personal, communicative and creative resources of people with PAC, to help them realize their potential. The programs involve 263 families of adults, adolescents and children with autism. All assistance is provided free of charge. 307 families are on the waiting list.

watch the collection

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