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Where to go with a string bag if products can be ordered online? Anywhere: the mini-collection of accessories offers the post-pandemic world a new look at the good old "Soviet shopper"

March 31, 2021. Accessories brand ARNY PRAHT, food and goods delivery service SberMarket and the social project "Avoska Gives Hope" have released "Neavoski" - a mini-collection of shoppers made of eco-leather. Blind people made a braid of cotton cords for the project.

The mini-collection contains three "neo-bags" with a base of black eco-leather: universal gray, sunny-warm yellow and grassy green. When choosing colors, the designers focused on the two main colors of 2021 according to Pantone - Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, and on the corporate green color of SberMarket. One "neavoska" fits a standard laptop, A4 documents and other necessary things - the bag turned out to be capacious. The zipper reliably protects the contents.

Any bag from the mini-collection can be bought on the ARNY PRAHT website for 3490 rubles. Each contains a promotional code for free delivery of products and goods from more than 60 retailers connected to SberMarket. You can also win a bag on the social networks of SberMarket, ARNY PRAHT and several bloggers: the winners will receive a gift anywhere in Russia.

30% of the proceeds from the sale of each copy will go to the needs of the Avoska Gives Hope project.

Historically, string bags have always been associated with shopping. In the 1980s, in the USSR, blind people were mainly employed in their production.

The Avoska Gives Hope project continues the tradition and helps people with visual impairments get a job. They weave string bags from multicolored cotton cords that you can take with you to the store to replace the plastic bag.

During the pandemic, the Avoska Gives Hope project had to reduce floor space and merge a shop with a workshop. The neavosek collection is designed to support social business and remind people of the project. SberMarket is rethinking the purchase of food, and in the joint collection it has decided to rethink the role of a string bag - it, like buying food, can also be modern.

“SberMarket's mission is to save users energy and time for more enjoyable things than grocery shopping. We use different communication channels to talk about the capabilities of the service. A joint project with ARNY PRAHT and Avoska Gives Hope shows how you can rethink an item habitual for going to a store - a string bag - into a stylish accessory, and leave the search for what you need in a supermarket and delivery to an online service,” — the press service commented on the project SberMarket.

“Now the project“ Avoska Gives Hope ”employs about 70 people with disabilities. Of these, about 60 are totally blind people, and they weave string bags. The goal of the project is to provide employment for about 6 thousand people with total blindness, the unemployment rate among whom exceeds 95%. Many of them want and can work, but there are few opportunities. We want to find and provide them with such opportunities,” — says the founder of the project, Evgeny Rapoport.

"The world is changing. Capturing and creating a new reality is part of our job as a modern brand. But we do not want to leave aside those who find it a little more difficult to do this. Together we figured out how in today's online era to beautifully support the symbol of an entire era and a team of cool guys whose opportunities are limited. Perhaps the world will not be the same, but there will be a place in it for everyone who is dear to us and whom we want to take care of,” — says Anna Praht, co-founder of ARNY PRAHT.

About SberMarket

SberMarket is a service for the delivery of groceries and essential goods from your favorite stores. It is based on Instamart, an online delivery service that joined the Sberbank ecosystem in September 2020. The service provides delivery from 66 retail chains, including federal retail chains METRO, Lenta, Auchan and O'KEY. Every month SberMarket delivers over 1 million orders to customers in 150 cities throughout Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The company was founded in 2013 by Dmitry Zhulin, Andrey Zhulin and Petr Fedchenkov under the Instamart brand. In 2020, the company became part of O2O, a joint venture between Mail.Ru Group and Sberbank; in January 2021, Sberbank became the majority shareholder of the company. The official website of the service:

About "Avoska gives hope"

Avoska gives hope - a social and environmental project that appeared in 2008. He popularizes the string bag as an alternative to plastic bags and helps in the employment of the visually impaired group 1. The motto of the project: "One string bag will replace a million plastic bags."

Now classic shopping bags can be purchased in Miratorg supermarkets and in some VkusVill stores. Last year, string bags began to be sold in several METRO Cash and Carry stores and by the end of the year may appear in all hypermarkets of the company.


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