We tell you how to buy things consciously, with maximum benefit and not to screw up

The most anticipated offer of the year comes on the heels: the ARNY PRAHT brand also takes part in the discounted fever! SALE 20 to 40% will take place on November 29th and will last three days in branded stores and online. All models of the brand will take part in the sale!

With you in mind, we have prepared 5 important tips to help you concentrate on your purchases in a week's time.

Determine the budget you are ready to spend on promotions in advance. When sales reach 90%, the line between real needs and the feeling of omnipotence is blurred: we begin to think that 10 things for a thousand rubles each - it's a penny. Therefore, it is better to leave at home and save some savings, rationally calculating the cost of your cherry list.

Aiming at one thing, think about at least 2 specific options. The excitement of black Friday does not provide for booking in shops, so there is a danger of being upset by the place, not having found the cherished thing in stock. As a rule, on this wave everything that will get under a hand is bought up, and then - lies on far shelves.

Do not buy equipment! Black Friday is a story about a profitable wardrobe. Maximum discounts on this resource are waiting for you on Cyber Monday.

Read the composition of things. There is a fear that the mass-markets under the noise hang out clothes from the lowest quality materials, whose value is not so contrasting with the discounted goods.

Choosing a thing, be it pants, jacket or bag, answer the following question: "Do I have 4 things in the wardrobe that I wear and can combine with this purchase? Only if the answer is yes, this item is made for you.
On all the above points, for the accessories from ARNY PRAHT we vouch for, and you are now horseshopped on the competent shopping! Start buying now.


  • The promotion is valid from November 29 to December 1 in the online store, as well as in all branded stores of the brand, according to their work schedules.
  • Reservation of goods is not valid for the day before Black Friday, as well as on the days of the campaign.
  • The offer does not apply to the bag constructor and does not add up with other discounts.
  • The discount is not valid for gift certificates.


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