New collection: SPRING VINTAGE

Spring-Summer 2021: it's something new, but in the spirit of the well-forgotten old! Vintage fashion leaves no one indifferent. Second hand shops of our time are more popular than mass-markets! And there's a reason for that: the 70s, 80s and 90s gave us way too many cool styles, fashion pillars and stylistic tricks, which cannot be made another relic of the past!

Conquer the world with vintage style in the new ARNY PRAHT collection! The accessories seen in the old movies and favourite celebrities of the 20th century: baguette, clutch with locking clasp, voluminous shopper and bucket bag! These and other novelties are already on the website and in the brand's stores.

Watch our new video on our YouTube channel for more trends for the new spring-summer 2021 season!


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