I would sooner read a timetable or a catalogue than nothing at all.

quote from writer Somerset Maugham.

We were so inspired by the British prose writer that we created a limited collection with quotes from famous works of Petersburg classics. It's no secret that now, in the era of time management, budget travel, and smart Instagram feeds, finding the time to take on a book is becoming increasingly difficult, and daily, regular reading means something down to earth: news reports in microblogs, longreads in instant messengers and stocks on colorful metro banners.

We wanted to dilute this compelled information flow with something bright and useful, therefore, with the new collection of ROOMY shoppers, we are introducing immortal quotes from our favorite writers to the masses so that the messages of I. Brodsky, V. Nabokov, A. Akhmatova and C. Dovlatov are here and now reminded of important things:

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The writers and their quotes were chosen for a reason: all the authors are native Petersburgers, and the ARNY PRAHT brand is a true patriot of his native city and its culture! Romantic and postyronical phrases are completely different from each other in meaning, but are collected in one line so that one of them can respond to you!

Choose a quote that suits your mood, buy a shopper with it and go outside! Culture to be.

Bags with a line

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