Модные сумки осень-зима 2018 / 2019 — новая коллекция ARNY PRAHT Fall 2018 / 2019

Strong winds and sea currents echoed Japan.

It is always a compact size, a minimum of detail, some closeness. And certainly boundless respect for own roots.

Therefore, we begin with a remake of one of the first models of the brand - the MOSBY belt bag. Smoothed corners, strong metal fastener — with such construction, nothing will be lost from it. Take it to the most crazy raves and open-airs.

BUNNY bag has long been the face of the brand, until it was overshadowed by the VENDI backpack. But today we are back to basics and present a completely new model. They are like twins: only in appearance, but inside they are completely different creations.

There is an engraving on which a Japanese girl cuts off the edge of a kimono, so as not to disturb the sleeping cat. This is how respect for the space of every living being looks like. May the shape of the bag MAY always be a reminder of this. And at the necessary moment it is revealed, giving you more space in return. Harmony in everything.

However, harmony does not mean peace. It is more correct to describe it as the ability to keep the balance of opposites. Stability remains in any position of the strap, it does not matter whether it is on the right or on the left. You move - it moves. The tiny size of YOKO bag will free your hands, wear it on your forearm. Elegant, as if silk kimono is on you, and a fan in your hands.

The tea ceremony begins with a semicircular AKIKO. Swing it on the table slightly. Grasp the thin handles. With such a flower should be gentle. And she, in turn, will keep everything that you trust her.

The FRESCO S backpack looks like a rounded mochi (Japanese delicacy), which has been slashed with a samurai sword. Diagonally. In half. Now you have a comfortable pocket in front of you, and the backpack itself allows you to remove the straps and perepegivat as you please. By the way, this is also a restyled model from our past.

The geometry of each model is simple and complex. Crossbody MIKA is a half of FRESCO S with character and filling of bag MAY. Conceived as a flat clutch bag with the opportunity to become wider, more capacious, and on occasion also be on your shoulder.

And in order to carry more there is YUMI. Create a belt length that is convenient for you. Fasteners in two rows resemble knots of Sibari. Feel free to show them off. This is one of the main advantages of the model.

Like a lotus, they are revealed when you need it. And can easily close again.

We took a piece of Asia, modern and ancient, added to our well-established style. Then they spiced it all up with new possibilities and made it in several autumn flavors (that is, colors).



Addresses of shops:

Moscow, SEC «Europeisky», pl. Kiev Station, 2, 3 floor,
тел. +7(911)723 55 80
Mon-Thu, Sun: 10:00 — 22:00, Fri-Sat: 10:00 — 23:00

Moscow, shopping center «Metropolis», Leningradskoye shosse, 16A building 4, 2nd floor,
tel: +7(919)721-47-03
10:00 — 23:00 daily

St. Petersburg, SEC «Galeria», Ligovsky pr. 30A, 2nd floor,
tel: +7(911)751-07-33
10:00 — 23:00 daily

St. Petersburg, shopping center «Europolis», Polyustrovsky pr. 84A, 2nd floor,
tel: +7(911)919-52-91
10:00 — 22:00 daily

St. Petersburg, shopping center «Leto», Pulkovskoye Highway 25, building 1A, 2nd floor,
tel: +7(911)010-51-68
10:00 — 22:00 daily

Tula, shopping center «Gostiny Dvor», st. Sovetskaya, 47, 1st floor,
tel: +7(905)627-13-14
10:00 — 22:00 daily

Donetsk, st. Artem, 51A, shopping and entertainment «Green Plaza», 1st floor,
tel: +7(910)363-94-45

Donetsk, st. Artema, 130, shopping and entertainment «Donetsk City», 3rd floor,
tel: +7(066)630-43-62


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