The bright and rich colors of our fresh shooting are in harmony with the new collection as never before. There and red wallets - baby TOY, already quite big KIT and beloved Ronda Lite, which resembles the flag of Japan. But that is not all. The triumph of light and color continues! On a yellow-orange background, this year’s best seller is the MIA bag. The magic blue will accelerate the melancholy and darkest clouds in the city, the orange color in the center of the product will help him in this. Do not be shy, you should rather run to the store for new products. But if you still prefer the classics, then especially for you we have prepared the legendary Kette. She appeared in a new role - fatal velvet and black ramp. We wanted to play with the textures, emphasize the peculiarity of each handbag, showing them on a yellow background. Rather, watch and enjoy our new shooting!

















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