A few years ago, the word "backpack" was associated with sports and tourism. Now it is a fashion accessory that perfectly complements any look. For several years, the backpack has been a serious competitor to ordinary handbags. For work, for a walk, for a fashionable party - there are many models suitable for any occasion. Backpacks can be worn not only with jeans and trousers - real fashionistas can boldly combine them even with dresses.

In any specialized store you can now find quite unusual and interesting backpacks. They flaunt different colors, styles, as well as sizes. A small backpack is suitable as a daily option, and a more capacious model will be good for work or study.

Backpacks are always very comfortable. Women’s handbags, as a rule, are worn on the hand and this often causes a lot of inconvenience, while backpacks can also be worn on the back, throwing it over your shoulder, or you can even dress like the most ordinary schoolbag.

A variety of interesting models of backpacks will help to create a unique stylish image. There are also backpacks-handbags: such backpacks are more like a women's handbag than a standard backpack, but have more practicality, and they look very fashionable. With their help, you can look quite feminine and romantic.

The price category of backpacks varies greatly, everyone can choose a backpack according to their taste and financial situation. More expensive models are characterized by high strength and durability - for example, leather backpacks. Interesting backpacks can be chosen from synthetic materials, they will look no less impressive.

Backpacks for sports and tourism do not go unnoticed. They are very roomy, and also correspond to the trends of modern fashion. That is why some fashionistas use them as a daily accessory.

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