Any woman gives a lot of time to her appearance. And not the last place in its creation have accessories, among which there is one most useful - a bag. After all, it is she who gives the finished look to the created image and allows you to conveniently transfer the cosmetics bags, purses and other little things necessary for women. That is why the choice of bags is given no less attention than the choice of clothing or footwear.

Each woman has her own criteria for choosing a bag. Some prefer roomy models, while others prefer small handbags, some like bright colors, while others prefer quieter tones. There are women who buy a bag on the market, there are those who buy them in branded boutiques, and there are those who prefer to choose to make bags to order. Of course, there are also women of fashion who prefer to sew a unique model of a handbag on their own and wear it with pride, since no one will have such analogues. But, alas, not all women can sew so well. As a rule, women prefer to buy ready-made models, rather than puzzle over the design and subsequently work with a needle. Also, many fashionistas choose the option of making bags to order, although it is more expensive, but it allows you to purchase a one-of-a-kind thing. In addition, this method of acquiring handbags allows you to add something different to the model, which will allow a woman to stand out from the crowd. In other words, the production of bags to order is the production of a designer thing, because you can order any bag, even according to your own sketches, or change the existing model in the world by slightly correcting its shape or decoration.

In general, if there is a desire to purchase a bag on your order, then the whole problem rests on where the service of making bags to order is provided? There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are some tips. To order a bag for sewing, you can contact the sewing studio or the familiar dressmaker. But these two options do not guarantee the quality of the material used for sewing, seams, finishing and accuracy of matching your sketches or any particular model. Designers of ARNY PRAHT - Petersburg brand of designer accessories are able to make bags to order with a guarantee of quality. ARNY PRAHT specializes in creating high-quality eco-leather bags and backpacks. Graphicity and minimalism are inherent in the products of this brand, which allows you to use each accessory in a variety of life situations. In other words, one single bag of ARNY PRAHT can be taken both to the office, and to a party and even for a walk. ARNY PRAHT - a guarantee of quality and style at an attractive price!

At the moment, tailoring under the order is not made, but ...

In mid-2019, we look forward to restarting our online designer!

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