Today, we understand that we face: high-quality artificial leather or its substitute, it is almost impossible because of the improved processing technologies and tricks of manufacturers who are trying to sell us even the worst product. Ask the seller about the quality of the product is also not an option, because the representative of the store is obliged to "advise" you to buy the product, whatever it is. And therefore, let us tell you about several techniques for the effective determination of high-quality artificial leather, so that the purchased product will delight you, and not make you regret about wasted money.

Material cut

First of all, try to find the reverse side (bakhtarma) of the product. A distinctive feature of high-quality artificial leather is its velvety, feeling like suede. But kozhzam, most often, quite rough to the touch and with noticeable surface roughness. In addition, high-quality synthetic leather even after processing retains a fluffy layer with small fibers, while the wrong side of the fake will be absolutely smooth and glossy.


If you see a cut of the product did not work, carefully inspect its appearance. In that case, if you really hold high-quality artificial leather in your hands, it can be easily bent or stretched, after which the material will quickly restore its former shape.

It is worth paying attention to the staining. The paint from a quality product should not break away and be cracked, but on the contrary, it should not be glossy and have a smooth surface, without pits, cracks or worn out areas.

Moisture and heat absorption

In order to find out whether the original is in front of us or a fake, it suffices to remember that genuine leather always absorbs moisture and retains heat longer, while drops drop from leatherette and heat leaves much faster. Therefore, just hold your hand to the product and hold it for a few minutes. High-quality skin will heat up quickly, and the effect will immediately become palpable, but the fake will remain cold.

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