Fashion Designer Bags 2015-2016

Handbag is a must-have accessory for any fashionista. Handbags, clutches and wallets have ceased to be a decor and have become an indispensable assistant, giving rise to a huge number of jokes about what can be found in a small store of women. But women prefer to choose comfortable and fashionable bags, or it can be stylish clutches.

Consider further which bags and clutches are in fashion in 2015-2016. Today, women wear instead of bags small beautiful wallets. The demand for a particular model depends on the season. So, in the winter period in 2015, in the wake of the popularity of clutches and bags that are made of furs. Many fashion designers this season have shown bags from fur of small dimensions.

In addition, clutches and wallets are in special demand. The selection is stopped on a dark color palette. Clutches with long belts are very popular, they are thrown over their shoulders. On the shelves of shops you can find a huge number of types of such bags, they are all different sizes, made of different materials. You can choose bags based on the color of outer clothing or other accessories - gloves, hats, scarves or shoes.

Regarding the spring-summer season, our fantasy walks here: the representatives of the weaker sex can pick up bags of any bright colors of unusual shape. For example, bright yellow and red color bags and clutches are very relevant.

To date, relevant shades of mint. Do not forget that the bags should be combined with the color of selected shoes or any other accessories. For the spring-summer of the year, the monkey's trend wallets offer various forms: not only classical forms are in demand, but also round ones.

It is necessary to add that handbags from designers made in the form of some objects or animals are very relevant. Very popular accessories in the style of boho, made from natural material, natural colors and shades.

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