ARNY PRAHT is a new Russian brand that produces fashionable accessories, namely designer bags, backpacks and sneakers. Models ARNY PRAHT are distinguished by simplicity, brevity and elegance - everything that a modern city dweller needs. Designers of this brand create versatile things - fashionable and stylish, but without an excess of jewelry, thanks to which they are suitable for everyday wear and for publication.

Men's bags made of artificial leather ARNY PRAHT - a great choice for the modern man, who understands a lot of high-quality and stylish things. For their tailoring, high-quality artificial leather was used, which in its durability far exceeds the natural counterpart. Moreover, a quality leatherette can hardly be distinguished from the skin - it does not have an unpleasant smell, creases, it does not crack at low temperatures. Therefore, this accessory will serve you more than one year. And all these advantages are supplemented with quite reasonable prices.

Men's bags made of artificial leather, produced by a modern Russian manufacturer, take into account all the strict requirements imposed by customers, of which there are many. Taking care of the accessory itself does not take much time, it is enough to periodically clean the bag with a damp cloth from dust and dirt, and then dry it. This accessory is distinguished by its reliability and practicality, because no one needs “surprises” in the form of a torn off handle or a leather substitute cracked in the cold. Not to mention the fact that a man's bag made of artificial leather is an excellent complement to the image of a modern and dynamic man, so it must conform to the modern canons of style and have a great appearance under any circumstances.

Many consider leather imitation bags to be of no prestige, so to speak, low-budget option. However, this is a misconception. Many well-known global brands launched into production a whole line of accessories made of artificial leather, and not for reasons of economy. In European countries, it has long been considered correct and prestigious to reject those materials that resulted in the death of an animal. Therefore, men's bags made of artificial leather - the quality, practicality, style and concern for the environment!

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