We start May with good news only!

The horizon is already close, soon we will return to the usual life with warm walks, bright events, and most importantly - beautiful images! Here's a low start on this occasion: 1 and 2 May in the ARNY PRAHT online store, buying two products - the third you get as a gift!

Our offer is a way to close all Gestalt:

- to buy a backpack, with which you will go towards adventure (even if this year only in Russia - the main mood!).
- bright cross-body for every day for important things that won't be postponed until better times;
- a belt bag for carefree summer holidays: jogging, exhibitions, museums, which will become even more valuable and favorite after a long break!
Alternative scenarios and bags for your goals - the whole sea, choose on the site and buy only two days with maximum benefit!

P.S Friends, whose cities do not yet have our brand shops: it's finally time for you to get back :)

Promotional Terms and Conditions

1. The offer includes all products presented on the site

2. The promotion is not combined with other discounts and promotional codes.

3. You can use bonus savings.

4. The least expensive accessory is considered as a gift.

5. The action will last from May 1 to May 2 23.59 according to МСК



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