First underground - collaboration

We are all different, with our own interests, tastes and views. But there's always something that unites us. Therefore, we enter into all kinds of communities or communities to share interests with like-minded people, to exchange knowledge. Such interest clubs or clubs are always relevant, at any time and at any age.

The art project "KRUZHOK" was originally created as a web magazine dedicated to photo art as a tool for perception of the present and worldview of creative young people from different parts of the country. In it one could plunge headlong into the multifaceted world of underground culture, immerse himself in the problems and joys of the young generation, get a charge of inspiration, rethink the commonplace, look at the world from a different angle and with the eyes of others.

Now it is a brand of unobtrusive and some kind of natural, authentic street-wear, designed to bridge the gap between people who are "on the same wave". The clothes design of the brand is imbued with modern industrial as well as post-Soviet aesthetics.

ARNY PRAHT has always been interested in unique designers close in spirit, so released a collaboration with the Circle in their collection with the Museum of Cosmonautics.

The model of our joint bag is an experiment in industrial style with post-Soviet echoes, which can become part of any base.



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