More than a trend

Of course, the designer brand ARNY PRAHT simply couldn't ignore the trend of the west on the macro-mode: giant shoppers filled the installation ribbons this fall, and we, with our hands on the heart, didn't want to produce cliche oversight bags just by the call of the fashionable jungle.

And they did it right: after all, the brand was lucky enough to meet blogger and writer Anna Semak: her image of a modern mother with many children, who is not only focused on the upbringing of children, but is able to find a balance of life among travel, creativity, family and self-development, inspired us to consciously create a line of multifunctional macro-shoppers MUTTER.

(Inside the shopper there is a detachable clutch bag that serves as a cover for him, but it can also be worn as a separate accessory on a long belt!

Every mom has a secret garden

"Mutter's bag is for creative moms and those who don't have children, but they are mothers in fact, taking care of their neighbors and our Planet. Everything fits in there - a one-year-old child, two Jack - Russell Terrier with his head, a million Indian rupees in crumpled bills, a sleeping bag and five kilograms of potatoes - in general, a lifetime. Mutter is a bag for big personalities," says Anna.

With each bag sold, the brand will contribute 30% to the SPINA BIFIDA Foundation, a charitable organization that helps children with the same spinal cord disease. The Semak family has first-hand knowledge of this foundation, as Anna and her husband Sergey are raising their daughter Tanya with this disease.


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