We will gladly guide you on the right path and tell you what will please them the most. In the ARNY PRAHT brand line you can choose gifts in various price categories!

Up to 2500 rubles: functional wallets, cardholders and pencil cases, as well as a travelogue wallet, with which it will be convenient to travel the world in the New Year. With a bonus, hide in it a reduced copy of the world map - at night from 31 to 1 all dreams begin to materialize!

Up to 4500 rubles: bags that will be able to complete the image in the most long-awaited night of the year and make it irresistible: looking at the fashionable influencers, the holiday prophesy a lot of sparkles and lights, so do not make a mistake with the choice ;)

Up to 6000 rubles: city functional backpacks - loyal companions for people in the stream, who have already set goals and ways to achieve them in 2020: with backpacks from ARNY PRAHT and in the fire and in the water, and even more so, right behind the dream!



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