ARNY PRAHT shop birthday only once a year! And no "unfortunately", because in the European Shopping and Entertainment Center we will celebrate its traditional share 1+1=3!

Today, 18th of January, the store is turning two years old - this is exactly the reason to go for a walk: exactly one day in the campaign are involved all the products of the line, including models of off-season sale with discounts up to 35%! And for the start of euphoria and bonus points can be used ;). Come to us, be involved in this event, and bring your friends - your friends and our friends too ;).

Moscow, Kievsky vokzal square, 2nd, 3rd floor

Mode of operation: from 10.00 to 23.00

What is important to know?

The action is valid for exactly 1 day only in the brand shop of European Shopping Mall.
You can use bonus points when buying products


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