In the new limited edition collaboration ARNY PRAHT cool everything: and backpack APHEKS, which returned to the line of the brand after 2 years improved to unrecognizability, and its underground print, created by our friends from St. Petersburg - the author's brand of souvenirs and merchandise Mom, buy! but most importantly - a thought that the guys broadcast this print:

Girls are cool!

There's nothing to add. No hidden meanings and pitfalls: talented, smart, beautiful, funny, different, in a word - cool.

The mood of the collection is as shocking as possible: the backpack is combined of two textures: textiles and eco leather, this is something you have never seen among ARNY PRAHT models! It's time to take your soul and add something special to the collection of basic accessories. For example, a designer backpack, which will faithfully and subtly hint at your superiority ;).



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