Анастасия Сорокина — Стоунхедж — рюкзак ARNY PRAHT Tadao
The discovery of ARNY PRAHT products happened to me in the early spring of 2018. I needed a stylish laptop backpack. The choice fell on Todd in the color of the Nevi. Eco-friendly approach in the production of all products also played an important role in the selection. Gradually and imperceptibly, the ARNY PRAHT brand not only won back all the space in the closet for handbags and backpacks, but also became a loyal friend and helper. Traveling and everyday life is hard to imagine without the perfection of colors and shapes of ARNY PRAHT.

Then Ukka cornflower came into my life, which traveled along and across with us 7 states: from California to Wyoming! Such a backpack is an indispensable thing for such trips. The main part interferes with all the most necessary, and the additional clutch is just a salvation for evening walks light, and he definitely remembered what happened in Vegas;)

Finally, Tadao cornflower appeared, which swept across the UK from the shores of the south of England to Loch Ness with a breeze and confidently withstood the test of strength, and the cute black App in turn conquered the very heart of London.

I do not know which point of the planet we will go on, I only know that we will go there with ARNY PRAHT.


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