Having launched a competition for the best bag design, we watched for a whole week how the unofficial ARNY PRAHT art gallery is replenished with new masterpieces.

For the brand team, this was the best way to draw inspiration and once again make sure that we and our clients alike understand beauty and swing on the same wavelength;). Almost 100 unique designs, different techniques of drawing: graphics, collage abstractions and even watercolor! Determining the winner was very difficult, but they were 20-year-old Rita from Moscow - a graphic designer, book illustrator.

Rita has known and loved us for more than two years. Having seen the competition, she, as an artist, simply could not pass by and developed several BRIK bag designs at once:

(Фото дизайна)

Having awarded Rita and other best creators, the brand team decided to release a limited collection with a winning design. We decided that this contest will become an example and proof that any person and idea can become part of something bigger, for example, the history of the ARNY PRAHT brand!

We believe that in this case the principle of art will work: BRIK bags*, created together with Rita, will resonate with 25 girls (just as many models in this collection) who will show them to the world.

* You can find out about the presence of a model with a print from consultants in offline stores.

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