Do you know the feeling when the thing seems to be “the same, but not quite”?

Now you can forget about this feeling when choosing a stylish accessory: we are launching the constructor of bags!

Love black for its classics and do not know how to add yellow / green / red to your casual look for bringing good luck? Or dreaming of a multipurpose bag but pretty sure (as we are) that versatility does not mean monotony?

Combine kind with healthy in the color design of the new accessory. Now the product from ARNY PRAHT can be painted to your own taste and risk ;). The three most popular models of the brand KETTE XS, VENDI and UKKA will be unique for each customer: create a color design from three different shades for the future product to match your personality and mood. Now with the new function of the constructor it will be simply impossible to meet the same backpack on the streets of St. Petersburg ;).

Customized products are being created for three weeks with advance payment required and delivered either to the point of issue or to the house.

Important: since the bags are created according to your individual design it will be impossible to refuse the order and return them to the store. Choose combinations only in a good mood, thoughtfully and consciously.

The production warranty for the product itself, fasteners, carbines, zippers and other metal parts is preserved.


Let's go!

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