On August 3 we will host our traditional client day in the Out of doors formaton on the Vasileostrovsky market. But this time we will make it a bit more ambitious. This year the ARNY PRAHT brand is 5 years old, this is our first jubilee which we want to celebrate with our truly interesting event. Music, dancing, creative activities, lectures about fashion and conscious consumption, the opportunity to customize your bag by experienced artists, special offers our from partners, the concert of the popular singer NAADIA and of course up to 70% discounts sale!

Also at the event there will be a fundraising to support the programs of the Center “Anton's right here” and the sale of additional circulation of our collaboration with the Center.

The holiday will last from 12:00 to 22:00, to everyone who comes with our bag or buys it on the spot — free welcome drink from our partner Bullevie ;).

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