Autumn action TRADE IN in the building!

Each brand store and partner stores ARNY PRAHT :) All September!

Interesting fact: brand ARNY PRAHT literally was able to change the consciousness of a thousand customers: now our customers know how to easily and regretfully part with your favorite, but unnecessary things: you bet, because in exchange for them, we give a 20% discount on new bags and backpacks brand!

Semiannual break without the action gave us a lot of time to think about new upcycle collections, which we plan to create from the delivered accessories at the end of the action, and you, for sure, to accumulate bags and backpacks, outdated! For a whole month we will accept them with great joy, the cycle of things in nature - to be! Products eligible for a second life will be sent to the charity fund "Thank you", which helps clothes in need. To know for sure what kind of bag or backpack to buy this season, watch a video on Youtube channel brand trends in autumn 2021: collected there all the most useful and showed our new products:


The rules of the campaign:

The promotion period is from 1 to 30 September 2020.
We accept only ARNY PRAHT brand bags and backpacks.
You can surrender an old accessory and get a discount in all branded ARNY PRAHT stores, as well as in partner stores, see the list below.
The discount is given here and now - I have handed over my bag and immediately bought a new one with a discount. Wonders!
There are three price categories of bags and backpacks: up to 2500 r., 2500-5000 r., from 5000 r. and above;
* The discount covers the same category of accessories as the bag or backpack you are selling. For example, if you brought a bag or a backpack of 2500-5000 r. price category, you can get 20% discount only for bags and backpacks that fall into this category or category lower in price. Be careful!One thing - one discount.
The discount is valid for 1 item in the receipt.
The discount is not exchangeable for money.
Discount is not summed up with other promotional offers, but you can use the bonuses.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to surrender a bag or backpack to the online store.
Partner stores taking part in the promotion:


It's My Shop - 20, Posyetskaya str.

Caramelle boutique - Russkaya str. 19в, №201


LA GALERIE - Trade Gallery on Radishchev, 25


Commode - TC Newton, Partizana Zheleznyak St. 17, 2nd floor


LUG LOOK - 59 Planernaya St., shopping center "Montpensier", 2nd floor.


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