Conscious October: TRADE IN!

Useful things are a habit: the traditional campaign "give up the old product in exchange for a discount" will last throughout October in the branded stores of the brand, as well as at the partners of ARNY PRAHT!

No new schemes, traditions - they are on that and traditions: bring in our shops accessory ARNY PRAHT which, in your opinion, has already outlived the century. Change it to a product with a 20% discount in the same price category with a light heart: you combine a pleasant purchase with a useful business!

When we launched the campaign for the first time a couple of years ago, no one from the brand's team could have imagined that it would gain such momentum: every season we collect about 250 old bags and backpacks from you, thus supporting the philosophy of conscious consumption together. This time, all the things we have at the end of the month will go to the "Spasibo" foundation. From there, the products that have the right to a second life will be handed over to charity shops in St. Petersburg and free points of distribution of clothes for those in need. Bags and backpacks, which will no longer be able to serve their intended purpose, will be competently disposed of.

Rules of the action:

- The campaign will be held from 1 to 31 October 2019.
- We accept ARNY PRAHT brand bags and backpacks only.
- Rent an old accessory and get a discount only in branded ARNY PRAHT stores in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tula and Donetsk. (Also in the partner shops, see list below.)
- Discount is provided here and now - handed over the bag and immediately bought a new one with a discount. Wonders!
- There are three price categories of bags and backpacks: up to 2500 p., 2500-5000 p., from 5000 p. and above;
* Discount applies to the same category of accessories as the bag or backpack that you rent out. For example, if you bring a bag or backpack of the price category of 2500-5000 p., then you can get a 20% discount only on bags and backpacks that fall into this category or category lower in value. Be careful!

- One thing - one discount.
- The discount is valid for 1 item in the check.
- The discount is not exchangeable for money.
- The discount is not summed up with other promotional offers, but you can use the bonuses.
- Unfortunately, it is not possible to return the bag or backpack to the online store.

 Shops and partners participating in the promotion:

Brand shops:

St. Petersburg:

RC Gallery - Ligovsky Ave. 30A, 2nd floor

Shopping mall Summer - Pulkovskoe highway, 25, 1A, 2nd floor

SEC Europolis - Polyustrovsky Ave. 84A, 2nd floor


Shopping center European - Kievsky Railway Station, 2nd, 3rd floor

Metropolis - Leningradskoye Highway, 16A Building 4, 2nd floor


Shopping and entertainment center Krasnodar Gallery - V. Golovatogo Street, 313, 2nd floor (I turn)


Gostiny Dvor Shopping Mall - Sovetskaya St., 47, 1st floor


SEC Diamond - Kopeyskoye sh., 64, 2nd floor


SEC Donetsk City - Donetsk, Artema Street, 130, 3rd floor



It's My Shop - 20 Posyetskaya St.

Caramelle boutique - Russian street. 19в, №201


LA GALERIE - Radishcheva Trade Gallery, 25

Department Store BOLSHOY - Malysheva Street 71


Commode - TC Newton, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, 17, 2nd floor


Inspire - 17 Friedrich Engels Street

Design Market - Tchaikovsky Street 4


INSPIRE girls - Sovetskaya str. 20


INSPIRE - BC Horizon, Alexey Belenets, 9/1, 6th floor, office 602


INSPIRE - Address: 16, Spring Street


Laville store - shopping mall "Galant Plaza" - 2, Pogranichnaya Street


AKMYC Bags - TC Ambar, South Highway 5, 1st floor




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