Double shopping bonuses for Defender of the Fatherland Day.

If a man meets you from work and carefully picks up a heavy bag of things - it's real luck!

It's time to thank him and reward him with your own accessory: the ARNY PRAHT range includes a wide range of unisex belt bags as well as men's cool backpacks for every day. And when you buy a gift from us, from February 21 to February 23, we double the cacheback with points that can pay for any accessory during the year!

If he prefers the urban style and rhythm of life, the ROKU and GARN backpacks are just for him: in such a case you can easily fit a laptop with a 15" diagonal and a gentleman's set at any convenience;).


For sporty men, the brand's collection includes a whole collection called "Street Fashion": bags and backpacks made of waterproof textiles will conquer even the most restrained men's heart! More colors of the line see here:

Of course, a wallet and symbolic accessories such as a passport cover and a pocket for car documents will not cancel the joy of your defender, choose and give with love and gratitude!


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