The first UPCYCLE collection of the brand

Upcycle - creative transformation of waste into art objects, household items, accessories, clothes. In contrast to recycling, it does not require additional production costs for recycling.

As you know, the ARNY PRAHT brand will not get tired of reminding everyone around us of the idea of conscious consumption: we went further and created a collection that explains by example what the cycle of things in nature is. From the backpacks you handed over under the TRADE IN promotion, the 99recycle recycling workshop produced a limited number of basic FASCA bags: they even borrowed fittings from products that are outdated!

Models are presented only in brand shops of Moscow and St. Petersburg and cost less than any bag from ARNY PRAHT line - only 1990 rubles. Each bag is unique and has no copy - in the traditions of the designer's author's collection.

This is only the first project ARNY PRAHT and 99recycle: in our plans - a large-scale line of secondary handbags and backpacks, and with the bag FASCA RECYCLE begins the whole history and our way to the rapid preservation of the planet! Be involved in it with us and surrender old products of the brand in exchange for 20% discount, there are 3 days left till the end of the campaign


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