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At the height of the tourist season, in the summer of 2020, we were all faced with an unusual choice: where to go to rest without leaving the country?

Together with travel bloggers - friends of the ARNY PRAHT brand - we decided to share our favorite places in our native Petersburg. We wanted to show once again that this city was literally created for travel, mental relaxation and contemplation.

Alexander Lapuk

Well, or rather, like, half a house, but it looks like a small full-fledged and a little photogenic about New York - such a piece of Soho.

We love to grab a coffee while passing by the house, fantasize about what might be inside: a cafe, an apartment, a teleport to the states, or some cute hand-made shop.

In the evening from this house you can go to the embankment of the Neva in just a minute and remember that you live in the most beautiful and such diverse city.

Anastasiya Darovina

I come back here for love and that's the only way. Too much is connected with it: at least this is the city where the first shawarma was eaten! Peter is about cultural brawl, carefree time and a complete reboot. In the evening - a compulsory program on Rubinstein Street, from there to the Fontanka in Mishka bar and skating along the embankment until the morning. And in the morning - breakfast in Happiness near St. Isaac's Cathedral. And walk again until you drop.

Emma Bayramova

I love the "Third Cluster" very much for the atmosphere and for the delicious aperol on the balcony of the Innocent Bar. Perhaps this is one of the most stylish courtyards in our city. I advise you to come here in the evening with friends and enjoy the comfort and a couple of cocktails in the fresh air.

Vlad / walk on the rooftops

From this roof you can see the Peter as tourists know him: from magnets and wall calendars. I like the roof itself for its atmosphere and unique view of the bend of the Griboyedov Canal, from where the beauty of the architecture of our beautiful city opens up. The bottom is always very quiet and calm, and despite the fact that this is the very heart of the city - here you can enjoy a meeting with the city alone.

Anastasia Bebyakina

This is the center of the city and I am not attached to places, but I always find interesting places or they find me! Hip hop culture has always attracted me, and this place is made for that! There are graffiti and break dance competitions! And now there is also a super cozy veranda of the bar / cafe TSUNAMI.

Valeria Sokolova

It used to be a historic factory, but now it is a space for creativity in the harbor and a new center of the cultural life of St. Petersburg.

What not to find here! Sevkabel Port is the place to go for a useful lecture or outdoor yoga class on a weekday, and on the weekend to a garage sale or techno party. Here you can also drop by for an art exhibition or take part in a major music or food festival. In summer, you can taste street food on the embankment with a wooden deck and overlooking the Gulf of Finland, and then go on a boat tour of Parade St. Petersburg right from the port. In winter, a cozy ice field with lantern lights is opened in Sevkabel on the embankment, where you can skate to an atmospheric playlist.

Ekaterina Tsarkova

Three years ago, when I moved to St. Petersburg, my friends took me to Co - Op Garage for blackcurrant cider, and this is how this place settled in my heart. In summer, there are loud parties, delicious pizza with pears and bright interesting people, in winter - delicious soups, pasta and billiards. The place is hidden from the eyes of onlookers, it does not become less popular from this!

Vlad Karpyuk

The intersection of 5 streets and the famous tower of the Sh.Z. Joffe!

A very recognizable view in St. Petersburg, few people know that there was a car salon on the second floor of this house, and the turret itself was added later!

Now it is rented from the city by the St. Petersburg artist Sergei Semkin :) One building contains a whole history, and it cannot but admire.


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