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Trends of the coming year, without which there is nowhere

During the period of New Year holidays we had enough time to gain strength, energy and carefully study the trends of the coming year in the world fashion industry. And, of course, we're happy to share some insights with you! Let's break down the trends of 2021 in more detail on specific examples.

What about bags?

Massiveness, functionality and a little bit of abstraction are the three "stylistic" whales that this year's headliners among the fashion houses rely on.

ANN, 5490₽

A stylish solution for a formal office closet. A classic business briefcase is definitely a win-win option, but it is worth paying attention to the relevance of design and execution. Less active accessories and an emphasis on a combination of simple geometric shapes - rectangle and thin arc. Great if you have the option to replace the main belt, for example, with a wide textile sling in a contrasting color.

KELLY, 3990₽

Everything you need in one hand. Going to yoga, the gym, grocery shopping and shopping are just a small part of the reasons to take this particular model with you. Wide handles can be made of textile, which will only emphasize the casual style of the accessory. Herewith, this bag will wonderfully complement both a textured trench coat and a quilted oversize bomber.


Let's give free rein to our most daring fantasies and look for new shapes! If you want to get away from laconic rectangular models, to start overdoing it, this year it's time to try. In one bag you can and should combine several accents: voluminous handles, asymmetric folds and irregular geometry - all this will only increase the visual aesthetics.

And what about accessories?

Storage systems are becoming a separate cult this year. In 2020, we've had plenty of time to organize everything in our lives, so it's time to start organizing related things.

NETT, 1990₽

The carrier has gradually gone from being a travel bag to a must-have accessory for every day. Undoubtedly, the strengthened trend for macro bags contributed to this. In order to keep order in a large volume, it is necessary to use additional organizing systems. Thus, it is possible to personalize a basic bulk bag for individual needs by combining and supplementing the internal functionality with different models of carrier bags.

CUBE, 1490₽

Storage systems for the home

Completely refute the misconception that it's difficult to combine style and functionality in a single accessory in a home interior. Free space does not necessarily need to be filled with just Kraft boxes from IKEA (although, it is really hard to argue with their usefulness). We offer to look at the organization of home order from a different angle.


Wall organizer, 890₽

You can create an extra accent on the wall by choosing a round-shaped organizer. How to use it? The accessory is suitable not only for storing all sorts of things, but can also be an unusual cover for vinyl records or a planter for a small bouquet of dried flowers.

Organizer, 1090₽

An option for those who don't want to make an extra hole in the wall for a wall organizer. This accessory is suitable for storing jewelry and other important little things that tend to get lost in the apartment space.




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