Cooperation of these brands has become quite logical - the brands are in the same price segment, and their founders Nelli Nedre and Vlad Praht are familiar and friendly as brothers in the difficult task of developing local small businesses in the light industry. The idea to work together matured for a long time and now found its embodiment this spring. It is great that the focus of brands in the development of personal production coincided. Therefore, the creation process took place very quickly and productively: suitable double-sided materials from eco-leather appeared on the Arny Praht production, under which Nellie sketched and made a selection of the necessary models. The samples were developed in just 2.5 weeks, after which the NNedre team immediately began shooting the book, and Arny Praht launched the line into production.

This is our first joint collaboration, so we focused on four basic models that will make the perfect set for every girl for every day and occasion. This is an indispensable in summer belt bag Dumpi (dumplings, dumpling from the English. “Dumpling”), a bag-folder Biz (business, practical in English) for documents and trifles, which is perfect for a pair of any other bag. Of course, Obi (a Chinese geisha’s belt in English) didn’t do without a backpack; this is probably the most favorite model of designers. It turned out as neat and minimalist as possible, which fully reflects the style of NNedre. The final model was a small bag for easy walks and dates Toffy.

First of all, all products will be available in black-red and gray-silver colors, and in June white, graphite-gray and bright red will join them.

The most important thing that we learned from a joint project is how it can be cool to work together with like-minded colleagues. When professionals and fans meet their business, the product is born much easier and better in quality. We hope our joint work will serve as an example for all colleagues in the workshop and will show that working together is much more productive than hostile.

As early as May 13, the collection will go on sale in the Arny Praht chain of stores and in the NNedre showroom at Basque 29.

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