We have released a long-awaited collection of wallets in the autumn palette. Stylish, concise and just convenient. No wonder they are called TIC & TAC. The envelope wallet will not take up much space due to its shape, and the cardholder will save all the most valuable cards and business cards. Finally, we have created wallets really for any size of bag. And the colors were specially selected so that each woman of fashion found something of her own. They are ideally combined with each other - you can safely buy a set, but in different shades.


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День Рождения ARNY PRAHT в ТЦ Метрополис
Первому магазину ARNY PRAHT в Москве 4 ноября исполняется год. Для нас это очень важная дата! Мы рады, что можем покорять сердца столицы. Специал...
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