This shade is worn by Catherine Middleton more often than others. Let's figure out why!

Cornflower blue is the most delicate shade of blue. It’s somewhere between the blue and indigo, with touch of grey. They say that it fits to all colour types: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. It’s so much easier to make a basic wardrobe. The main thing is to choose the right tone.

Most people associate cornflower blue color with carelessness, easiness and peacefulness. The most famous example of cornflower blue color in art is headscarf on the painting «Girl with a Pearl Earring» of Johannes Vermeer. In nature it’s the homonymous flower of the field.

By the way, it’s known the positive influence of the flower on vision. So, with blepharitis, cotton discs, soaked in infusion of cornflowers, are applied to the eyelids. This same cure will relieve tiredness of eyes after a long work on the computer.


So, the combinations. The best option is grey. All shades. No exceptions.

And all blue color scale from pale to saturated. Let's recall the names of the main tones: dark blue, midnight blue (nevi), sapphire, ultramarine, cobalt, an electrician, blue.


White — it’s classic, the official combination familiar to the eyes. The overall impression depends on the balance: more white — easier and more elegant, more cornflower — brighter and more contrast.

Beige. More pleasant combination is difficult to find. We like it better when the beige is fairly light — so the image looks airier..

Metallic. The main question is: gold or silver? Better, of course, silver. And if you really want warmth, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Sunny shades: orange and yellow. Orange is the main antagonist of blue, so you can combine in any proportions. With yellow, the same story, it all depends on you. Do you dare it? ;)

Colors of foliage. Immediately say, these colors are not for every girl. But they can look incredible, especially with mint tones, or emerald deep.

Fiery shades. With red it looks dangerous, this is not a choice for beginners. But if you are self-confident, you will get a stating look. However, luxury and elegance will appear with dark burgundy tones.

And remember, you can transform any things with your smile and kindness, and our accessories will help to maintain the impression.

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