On March 1, 2017, we opened a brand store in the Europolis shopping center - the third official ARNY PRAHT store in St. Petersburg!

Stylish backpacks, fashionable bags and other original accessories ARNY PRAHT are already waiting on the shelves!

Official store ARNY PRAHT
Address: St. Petersburg, Europolis shopping and entertainment center, Lesnaya metro station,
Polyustrovsky pr. 84A, 2nd floor, from 10:00 to 22:00
tel: +7(911)919-52-91

Come for presents and get presents!

From March 1 to March 8, 2017, in the ARNY PRAHT brand stores at Gallery shopping mall, Summer shopping mall and Europolis shopping mall, when buying from 8,000 rubles, we give a certificate for a bottle of wine at the restaurant and wine shop “The SAVE”. Sommelier will help with the choice!

In all official stores of ARNY PRAHT we give a 15% discount on backpacks, bags, wallets and other accessories to birthday men seven days before the birthday, on the birthday and seven days after it!

Soon the official opening! Follow the news!

Follow us in social networks — catch inspiration and be aware of the actions, contests, novelties!

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