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Rules for posting reviews on the ARNYPRAHT.COM website

  1. By posting product reviews on the ARNYPRAHT.COM (далее – Сайт) site (hereinafter referred to as the Site), users agree to these Terms.
  2. The possibility of posting product reviews on the Site is available to users registered on the Site.
  3. Site Administration conducts moderation posted by users reviews about the product. During the moderation process, the compliance of reviews with the requirements specified in clause 4 of these Rules is checked. Reviews are published only after they are viewed by a moderator.
  4. Requirements for reviews posted on the Site:
    • 4.1 Review text should not exceed 1000 characters;
    • 4.2 The review should be written in Russian using Cyrillic (reviews written in Latin letters are not accepted);
    • 4.3 The text of the review should be informative and dedicated directly to the product ARNY PRAHT, about which the user leaves a review.
    • 4.4. Comments are not accepted for publication:
      • containing obscene language and offensive statements;
      • the content of which violates the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
      • the content of which is not related to the ARNY PRAHT product for which the user is posting a review;
      • containing only emotional utterances;
      • containing advertising materials, including links to other sites, offers of goods (works, services), contact information, description of products from other manufacturers, etc .;
      • containing a large number of lexical, spelling and other errors;
      • to engage in discussion with the author, to insult other reviewers and authors;
      • requests to find any other product;
      • any other extraneous text;
      • not containing indications of the reasons why the user liked or disliked a particular product;
      • containing personal personal data of other users.
  5. Reviews that have not been moderated are removed from the Site without informing users.
  6. Users agree that during the moderation of reviews, without the consent of the user, the spelling errors and typographical errors made in the text of the review can be corrected.
  7. The Site Administration is not responsible for the content of reviews posted by users on the Site, as they express the opinion of users and are not editorial materials.
  8. By posting a review on the Website, the user guarantees that he is the only author of the text of the review, and that this review does not violate the rights of third parties to the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization.
  9. If the rightholder reveals that the results of intellectual activity or means of individualization that belong to him without a permission are posted, he must send a written statement indicating the website page and / or the network address on the Internet where the review is posted to  .
  10. The Site Administration reserves the right to remove any review from the Site without giving reasons and without prior agreement with the user who posted this review.
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