They recently entered youth fashion and became a striking addition to modern clothes. City leather backpacks have become not the usual traveler's bag, in which you can put everything you need, but a beautiful and stylish fashion accessory. About what you can wear them, you will learn from this article.

Combination of leather with airy dresses

Modern style «glam rock» allows you to combine urban leather backpacks, not only with jeans or leather trousers, but also with light dresses made of light and translucent fabric. The combination of delicate shades of pastels of airy dresses with leather tops has long become fashionable, well, this year it is well worth combining not only leather shoes, but also backpacks, very fashionable urban leather. Unlike marching, they are smaller in size, made from fashionable materials, and may contain a brand name. Such things look not only stylish, but also modern and with them you can create bright and bold images for every day.

The brightest images

Trendy leather backpacks allow you to combine several textures in one set. Here are some vivid images that will appeal to every fashionista:

  1. Leather and lace. Characteristic combination for a modern business style. You can combine leather trousers with openwork blouses and stylish tops, complemented by a leather backpack to match. This image will look strictly and at the same time very sexy. Black leather city backpacks are a great addition to this outfit, especially if the blouse is made of thin and translucent lace fabric.
  2. Leather and denim. Denim clothing of any type goes well with skin, but only it should be in tune with the girl's hair color. For example, blondes can choose light colors, brunettes - dark. But the black color will be combined with any hair, as long as it fits to the clothing itself. And for denim products you can pick up any leather additions.
  3. Leather and cashmere. Fashionable and interesting combination that allows you to create expensive images for the winter. Black city leather backpacks will look great with colored cashmere coats, especially in a bright range.

As you can see, such a fashion accessory allows you to create a variety of images, the color range of which depends on the appearance of the person who wears it. Therefore, stylish city leather backpacks will always be on the crest of a fashionable wave.

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