Love stretches its arms, the cat squints sweetly, the crab moves back to the treasure chest. Comets and fish bones are smiling, and even the constellations suddenly turn out to be multi-colored. What can be common between these creatures?

Together with St.Friday Socks we realized the magic world. Bright creatures live on the lining of bags and backpacks. For girls - soft pink small backpacks VENDI S, FASCA belt bags and MIA crossbody. For guys, GARN and ROKU backpacks are black with red patches. But this division is formal. Of course you can wear as you want. By the way, all this in very limited quantities.

It will be possible to purchase limited bags and backpacks starting from the 5th of February on the site and in ARNY PRAHT brand stores, as well as on the St.Friday Socks brand site.


The collection is sold out, but there will be much more interesting. Just…

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