The newest technologies used for making clothes and accessories have changed many ideas that seem unshakable a few years ago. To a large extent, this concerns products made of artificial leather, previously considered low-quality and short-lived. Recent developments have allowed a different look at this material. Modern artificial leather of various colors and textures is used for the production of unique author's products, bags, purses, belts and many other products.

For finishing leatherette various methods are used. One of the most popular is embossed on artificial leather, based on the fact that the polymer is a thermoplastic, malleable material, on which, under the influence of temperature and pressure, any pattern can be extruded, be it an imitation of a python, a crocodile or a trade company logo. There are several ways to emboss.

  • Cold

To apply the picture using a cold method, the surface is heated to a slight softening, then a cliche is applied with a special roller. The roller is cooled with water. The necessary pressure on the roller is provided by a rubber counterweight.

  • Hot

This method allows drawing on a cold material with a hot embossing roller.

  • Kaland

Used for applying cliché on eco-leather with nitrocoating. For printing high pressure is supported by special protivovalki.

  • Slotted

It helps to avoid the destruction of the upper layer upon receipt of the figure. The rolls are mounted on gaps with precisely defined dimensions.

  • Stamping and pulling through the rink

Dermantin pull through the cooled shafts, pull-out exercise winding device.

Printing on dermantine can be performed by combining the impression and embossing. In this case, the roller is smeared with paint before work, and two-color graphics are obtained.

Printing on eco-leather allows you to turn any trifle or accessory into a stylish luxury item or a spectacular souvenir. The perfect gift - a purse with a logo or a personal symbol, a wallet or belt can not be ignored. To personalize the gift cliche for a personal order is selected separately.

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