Jane Birkin and Jacqueline Kennedy are classics of style. Such different, but with common features.

Both of them, without knowing it, made the iconic form of a women's bag-bucket. Do not be embarrassed, the name is funny, but it speaks for itself. The form is really similar.

Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото
Trend — bucket bag: фото

This trend is not one year old, but it has already established itself in fashionable wardrobes and the stylists' consciousness as a woman's have.

How to combine this? Try with a strict pencil skirt and a fitted tone-in-tone jacket. And if the dress code allows - dare to loose pants and bright shawls right on the bag strap. More options than it seems. The main thing is to start.

Сумка-ведро Bucky черного цвета
Сумка-ведро Bucky бордо
Сумка-ведро Bucky черного цвета

They say the bag and shoes should be expensive. Perhaps someone has it. In fact, the price does not matter. Even if you are for truly conscious consumption, take a closer look at our options: women's bucket bag YOKO is a new product in the Fall 2018 collection for 3490 rubles.

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