Friends, we have great news!

Starting from today and throughout the next month, we will once a week present our long-awaited innovations - products from the new catwalk collection! And today we are ready to please you!

Due to numerous requests from our customers, the legendary Vendi backpack is now available in two more sizes: S & XS !

Having become smaller, Vendi has not lost its comfort and style. It is still equipped with pockets: on the front of the magnet and on the back of the zipper.

Clarify that Vendi in his usual large size can still be purchased on our website.


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Arny Praht на Helsinki Fashion Week
29 ноября, в Хельсинки состоялся показ коллекции одежды SS’16 от Arny Praht в рамках международного сотрудничества Fashion Syndicate St.Petersbu...
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Влад вместе с нашим пиар-специалистом Ренатой рассказали, почему люди идут в масс-маркет, как государство поддерживает начинающих дизайнеров и сколько стоит участие на российских неделях моды.
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