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We arrived at the European Shopping Center for dinner and, going up to a cafe, in one of the shops, we saw a couple with unrealistically beautiful backpacks. I don’t remember what kind of backpack a young man had, the girl had a neat, concise backpack of walnut color of the most ideal size I had ever seen. I carefully approached, looked at the brand stamping. They sat in a cafe, discussing the beauty of backpacks: it was difficult to think about anything else, to be honest. I decided to google it - I found the site, accidentally made contact - I saw that such a brand IS IN EUROPEYSKIY !!! TOTAL FLOOR BELOW US  smile

We went down to the store without even having had supper and the hardest part began - I was sure that I needed a nutty backpack, because for the first time my eyes fell on him, and my heart, as they say, you can’t order, but when I saw the choice of colors I realized that everything was not so simple  smile

In the end, after the agony of choice, my first purchase was a Vendi S backpack in nude color  smile

And then it started …

Now I have 7 bags from ARNY PRAHT, my young man has 1 backpack!

For friends, a gift from me - bags from this brand, I want to share the beautiful with loved ones  smile

And everything is really delighted!  smile

My first acquaintance with the brand took place only 3 months ago, but during this time I already have 7 products! It is terrible to imagine what will happen next!)

I am sure that we have a long history with the ARNY PRAHT brand, I’m happy to tell about my new love and quality of products, and I don’t even need to tell, the bags speak for themselves!

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