Bags do not happen much - and I'm absolutely sure of that! And when it comes to models of ARNY PRAHT, this confidence is only growing. It is impossible to come to the store and get out of it without a fashionable bag or a stylish backpack, and these colors ... all 50 shades of the rainbow, no less! My acquaintance with the brand began about two years ago, when I purchased my favorite gray VENDY, we traveled with him over 10 countries and studied the new streets of my beloved Europe together. He remembers every admiring “woooow” in squares and canals, knows that I can stuff an incredible amount of things into it, and still serves me faithfully, accompanying me on every journey I go to, most often, with just a backpack.

But if you thought that the VENDY companion was the only super hero in my collection of ARNY PRAHT, you were deeply mistaken! Two years have passed since our first acquaintance, and I already have eight models of this brand! Eight, Carl! And all because there is nothing more concise, practical, versatile and, damn it, this spotlessly beautiful in its minimalism than these products! Very soon my birthday is and I already looked out for a stunning UKKA in chestnut color ... or hit the classics and choose the black KETTE? The choice, as always, is not difficult!


And while my boyfriend theatrically rolls his eyes, wondering, “why do you need another one? you have the same! ”
I'm absolutely sure that I definitely don’t have the same! And I have already figured out where we go with this beauty!



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