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Долгожданный сиреневый рюкзак Ukka и другие модели из моей коллекции — сумка Ronda mini сиреневый

In winter, I was really looking forward to a new collection that came out in January 2018, because I needed a replacement for my Roky M. I immediately fell in love with Ukka, but there was one problem: it was only in black, and I wanted it in lilac. Set a goal - go to her! At the next meeting, we selected the bags for the whole team, which will be sewn in lilac color. Of course, I suggested to make Ukka lilac.

A few weeks later he was with me. This is my favorite backpack! I hate to move things from one bag to another and always forget something. I go to work with a backpack, and when I come home, I simply unfasten the clutch and go for a walk with my friends, and fasten it back in the morning! Perfect!

And how many accessories ARNY PRAHT in your collection?

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