An invigorating drink with guarana, this is something new!

A real elixir with many useful properties was created by us in collaboration with the network of bakeries CECH85. You can try it in any city bakery until November 7! For ARNY PRAHT to create such a product is a new experience, but we tried to put all the principles of the brand into the beverage, make it truly natural and useful!

POSITIVE VIBE" energy company
- Increases concentration
- Gives energy
- Reduces tiredness
- Charged with vitamins
- Is a natural source of antioxidants

Cost = 140 rubles

We are really proud of the drink with the friends of the CEH85, because we started working out the perfect recipe in summer!

It fits perfectly into your bag, and if you need a new one, then catch the idea:
Buying a refreshing drink with guarana in TSECH85 until November 7 (be sure to use the mobile application), you get a chance to win 1 of 10 certificates in ARNY PRAHT for 5000 rubles!

The five winners will be announced on November 9th in @tseh85 account. They will be randomly selected among users of the loyalty program TSeh85, who purchased "POSITIVE VIBE" from October 7 to November 7


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