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Backpack-introvert in support of the "Thing with Features" campaign

This is a new project ARNY PRAHT in collaboration with the foundation "Simple Things", which symbolizes the uniqueness of the inner world of each person. It looks like a familiar VENDI black backpack, but it is inside that its brightness and exceptional features are hidden.

"Simple things" - 6 workshops, where people with mental features create beautiful and high-quality items along with masters: dishes, textiles, wooden things, cook jams and caramel. Behind each item is a full life of a person with mental and intellectual disabilities, a quiet life of his loved ones, a host community of employees and volunteers, who today are building a sustainable system so that people with mental disabilities in Russia could work for a paid job and live a normal life among people, not stay in isolation.

What do we want to tell her?

A world open to different people is a wider, richer and more interesting world than one in which all people must meet certain criteria. "Mental features are features in the development of the psyche and intellect that limit a person's ability to work or serve themselves, as well as complicate the process of integration into society. They can be both congenital and acquired. Our clients are very different people with different health opportunities, and what unites them is that they all need support in socialization and employment.

We really wanted to make a story that could involve both companies and ordinary people. A story in which everyone will care about something. We really like "things with special features" and it seems that we will repeat this action every year.

We will direct 30% of the sales of backpacks - introverts to the "Simple Things" projects.




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